11th International Symposium on NEUROPROTECTION and NEUROREPAIR

18th International Conference on BRAIN EDEMA and CELLULAR INJURY

5–7 October 2020 • Berlin, Germany

11th International Symposium on NEUROPROTECTION and NEUROREPAIR

5–7 October 2020 • Berlin, Germany

Call for Minisymposia

Thank you for submitting proposals for minisymposia to be held at the 11th ISN&N + 18th BEM in fall 2020!

Deadline for the submission was 29 November 2019.

A minisymposium is 90 minutes long (including discussion) and consists of an introduction to the topic (10’), followed by 4 presentations (20’ each). Times include scientific discussion. Alternatively, presenter teams may locate the discussion at the end of the minisymposium. A time slot must be allocated and minisymposium duration must not exceed 90 minutes. 

Topic Selection
Minisymposia should present and discuss recent advances in the field. There is no restriction on topics. Individual presentations must focus on relevant core finding(s) and, together, should form an interesting and scientifically substantial “story line”. The minisymposium should not consist of individual talks without a visible scientific connection. Ideally, the “story line” advances from basic over translational to clinical aspects, and cumulates in a particular endpoint (e.g. a clinical trial). 

Minisymposium Organizer and Speakers

The organizer submits the minisymposium proposal on behalf of the presenter group. She or he will also be the primary point of contact in case of questions during the selection process. The minisymposium organizer is encouraged announce a co-chair, preferentially another speaker in the minisymposium. The minisymposium chair(s) are responsible to keep the presentation time and to stimulate discussions. 

On request, the organizer must provide a conflict of interest discloser (in particular regarding commercial or financial interests, and intellectual property) for each individual minisymposium speaker. 

Review and Selection of Minisymposia
The Program Committee reviews proposals, together with the ISN&N Scientific Board, makes the final selection in February 2020 and will announce selection results in March 2020. Application for a minisymposium does not exclude application for individual oral or poster presentations, available via www.neurorepair-symposium.de.

Selection Criteria
The ISN&N program committee will review all minisymposium proposals. Proposals will be ranked according to: 

  • Scientific quality, relevance, and innovation
  • Interest to the ISN&N audience
  • Speaker composition (e.g. adequate representation of junior researchers, well-balanced presenter team)

Financial Support
The ISN&N organizers will support travel expenses for minisymposium presenters. The exact amount will depend on fundraising activities to be conducted throughout 2019 and 2020. 

The reimbursement will be up to €2,500 per minisymposium with participants travelling transcontinentally, up to €1,750 for European consortia and up to €1,000 for minisymposia exclusively featuring German speakers. This support is allocated to pay for travel, accommodation and registration of all speakers/chairs involved.

After acceptance of the proposal, the minisymposium organizer suggests allocation of support to individual presenters with respect to travel distance and available funding.

If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to contact neurorepair@conventus.de.